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Some Published Papers, Talks, and Presentations

• 1995

— EMI Issues for Flat Panel Displays, ISHM Advanced Technology Workshop on Flat Panel Display Packaging, San Antonio, Texas, 11/16/95. Presentation slides and the presentation can be found on this page:
       EMI Issues Presentation page

• 1999

— Hidden Cost Savings of Flat Panel Displays, Session 7, Impact of Flat Panel Displays, Paper 7.2, Display Works 99 Manufacturing Technology Conference, San Jose, California, 2/4/99
       ➣Hidden Cost Savings, 1999 ←Published Paper Download

— Time-domain flicker measurement techniques, Proceedings of the SPIE, Paper number 3636B-31, Electronic Imaging ’99, Science & Technology International Symposium (The Society for Imaging Science and Technology & The International Society for Optical Engineering), Friday, January 29, 1999, San Jose Convention Center

• 2004

— Motion Artifacts, Paper 7.3, SID 2004 International Seminar and Symposium, Seattle, Washington, 5/25/04
       ➣Motion Artifacts ←Published Paper Download

— Motion Artifact Overview, IMID (International Meeting on Information Displays) & Asia Display ‘04, 2004, Daegu, Korea — Invited speaker. Co-organized by SID (Society for Information Displays) and KIDS (Korean Information Display Society), Daigu, Korea

• 2005

— Evaluation of Motion Artifacts and Evolving Compensation Techniques for LCD Monitors, Paper 19.02, SID 2005 International Seminar and Symposium, Boston, Massachusetts, May 25, 2005, Joe Miseli (Sun Microsystems) and Seung-Woo Lee, Samsung
       ➣Motion Artifacts and Evolving Compensation Techniques for LCD Monitors ←Published Paper Download

— Motion Artifacts Overview and VESA FPDM Update, CORM 2005 (Council for Optical & Radiometric Measurements), Boulder, CO, May 12, 2005.

— Motion Artifact Performance Issues, and How VESA is Addressing them, ADEAC ‘05 (Advanced Display Applications Conference), Paper 2-3, Portland, Oregon, 12/25/05

• 2006

— Advanced Motion Artifact Analysis Method for Dynamic Contrast Degradation caused by Line Spreading, Paper 3.1, SID 2006 International Seminar and Symposium, San Francisco, California, 6/6/06, Joe Miseli (Sun Microsystems), Jongseo Lee, (Samsung), Jun H. Souk, (Samsung)
       ➣Advanced Motion Artifacts Method - Line Spreading ←Published Paper Download

— Taking on motion-artifacts evaluation in the VESA FPDM, Journal of the SID, 14/11, 2006, pages 987 to 997.

— Display Technology, VESA, and EDID, Xorg Developer’s Conference, Menlo Park, California, 2/8/07

• 2007

— Display Temporal Characteristics, DAC ’07 (Display Applications Conference), Burlingame, California, 10/23/07

• 2008

— Introducing the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM), Information Display Magazine, pp 2-5, 2/08

— Tests and Measurements of the ICDM, Paper 4.1, SID 2008 International Seminar, and Symposium, Los Angeles, California, 5/20/08

— ICDM Display Measurement Standard for Flat Panel Displays, Invited Paper VHF3-1, IDW ’08 (International Display Workshops), Niigata, Japan, 12/5/08 — Won Best Paper Award.

— ICDM Committee of SID — Developing the comprehensive display measurement standard to bring accuracy, proper metrology, and needed measurements to the display industry, Workshop 5.1, IMID (International Meeting on Information Display)
/ Asia Display 2008, Seoul, Korea, 10/15/08

— ICDM Status and Overview, Joint Seminar for The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) and Japanese National Committee of CIE(JCIE), at the NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan, 12/8/08

• 2009

—ICDM Activities on Display Measurements, EBU Display Seminar (European Broadcast Union), Geneva, Switzerland, 2/24/09

— Overview of the ICDM for the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) Spring Tech and Standards Forum, 5/13/09

— Introduction to the ICDM Display Measurement Standard, Paper 24.4, SID 2009 International Seminar and Symposium, San Antonio, Texas, 6/309

— Overview of the ICDM Display Measurement Standard and Metrology, FPD International Standards and Technology Workshop 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, 6/10/09

— Display Metrology: Overview of Display Metrology Requirements, Methods, and Techniques with some examples, 2 hours training course, infoComm09, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, 6/18/09

• 2011

— The ICDM International Display Measurement Standard — SID’s First Standard, Bay Area Chapter of SID, National Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, California, 11/9/11.

• 2012

— Starfield Contrast: A Method to Determine the Contrast of Displays with Dynamic Backlights, P59, SID 2012 International Seminar, and Symposium

• 2013

— Q&A: ICDM Standard, SID Information Display Magazine, Vol. 29, No. 1, Jan/Feb 2013, pp 26-27.

— An introduction to the Information Display measurement Standard 1, the first display measurement standard from the International Committee for Display Metrology, pp 214-224, JSID (Journal of the Society for Information Display) Special Edition on the IDMS (International Display Measurement Standard), June 2013.

— Consideration for an ICDM standardized method to define consistency for stating display performance, High Performance Displays: Next-Generation Visualization, Oct. 25, 2013.