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EMI Issues for Flat Panel Displays

A presentation at ISHM Advanced Technology Workshop on Flat Panel Display Packaging, San Antonio, Texas, November 16, 1995.

The presentation was about EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) issues and considerations from a conceptual point of view. While it was oriented toward EMI issues for flat panel displays, it was an overview on EMI to help convey the ideas about it in a generalized way.

This slide was a visualization of the basics of EMI.

What is EMI

The next slide showed how EMI radiated sinusoidally.

EMI Files vary in time

Next is a drawing which shows how wavelengths for electro-magnetic radiations compare to display geometry.

Wavelenghts and Flat Panels

Some of the slides, such as the graphic-intensive visualizations above, were for the presentation only, and were not included in the distributed presentation.

The distributed presentation includes the important EMI concepts, including differential and common mode radiation, a review of charge mathematics, signal frequency components, harmonics, frequency content power calculations, signal integrity and EMI, ground potential, and even LVDS, which was new when the presentation was made. Here is a link to the presentation itself.

EMI Issues for Flat Panel Displays presentation, ISHM 1995

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