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Through the experience of the principal and chief engineer Joe Miseli, we have been involved in display technology, design, measurements, evaluation, and other metrology since 1986. Some of our work has gone into standards in the industry, such as VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association), SID (Society for Information Displays), and the ICDM (International Committee for Display Metrology). The "CCT White-Point Validation" shown below is one example of our work that is standardized in the ICDM Information Display Measurement Standard (IDMS). We hope to present more such work with supplemental detail in the future, as there are a number of display metrology methods and support materials we have published.

Some work and achievements to show the experience that we have to offer

Many of the work / designs show here are from laboratory notebooks and other handwritten notes.

CCT White-Point Validation— Details on a display metrology method to determine the validation of a CCT white point based on a u'v' measurement. This was developed for use in the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) standard, IDMS.

CCT White-Point Validation Link

Retina Displays— A report of what are retina displays and how they qualify, based on several Apple "retina" display products.

Retina Displays Link

PDP Driver Circuits —Contributing work toward patent 6157375, "Method and Apparatus for Selective Enabling of Addressable Display Elements"

PDP Driver Circuit Link

EMI Presentation — Selections from a presentation on the concepts of EMI and how they applied to flat panel displays given at ISHM Advanced Technology Workshop on Flat Panel Display Packaging, 1995. Electro-magnetic radiation concepts are timeless, and the issues, concepts, and visualizations are the same today as they were in 1995.

EMI Presentation Link